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About Us

The RESILIENT FUTURES NETWORK, LLC is a multi-channeled print, digital and social network that brings freedom, hope and resilience to individuals and families around the world. This network creates a virtual pipeline of evidence-based programs and practices that have already generated powerful personal growth results for thousands of people throughout the United States, the U.S. Territories, and several other countries around the world.

This vision grew out of meetings and joint ventures involving George Merrifield of the St. J ude Foundation, Father Joseph T. Merkt with the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville, and Ted N. Strader of COPES, Inc. Five separate projects involving these partnerships have earned the Exemplary Program Award sponsored by the National Prevention Network. Family strengthening materials developed by these collaborators are listed on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). The Creating Lasting Family Connections© (CLFC) curriculum series provides the cornerstone for the foundation of the Resilient Futures Network (RFN). RFN was founded by Mr. Merrifield and Mr. Strader in 1998 with an interest in generating positive and healthy futures for youth and families while also generating new resources for both COPES, Inc. and the St. Jude Foundation for sustainable services and ongoing program development and dissemination.