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A Virtual pipeline

This new feature of RFN is an invitation for YOU to send us any thoughts, ideas articles or exercises that you think will help others around the world to grow in the Connect-Immunity department. If you share our view that healthy people can influence the positive and healthy growth of others, we want you to put it in our virtual pipeline. We invite you to submit anything you think may be of value for others for us to place into our virtual pipeline…a one page concept, a poem, a picture, a video, your first novel anything goes. Format-wise that is…In order for your submission to actually make it into our downloadable archive, it must meet with the Connect-Immunity review team’s approval. You can place things in here for free distribution, or you can name your price. Electronic submissions are preferred, and submissions of all kinds will be considered. Please begin the submission process by referring to our contact us page. If we accept your freely shared item and if it is accepted, then it will be made available to the world free, with your name on it. If you want us to “publish” it for a price, you must confidentially submit the item in it’s entirety to our review team, and if it is accepted you can set your own price and we will place it in the RFN Virtual Pipeline catalogue for sale. You can create your own ad or seek our ad department’s advice on how to market your item. Accepted items must appear to make the world a better place in some manner from some perspective or from our mutual point of view. The Resilient Futures Network Virtual pipeline is meant to Create positive and healthy Lasting  Family-like interpersonal and community Connections that tend to bring out the best in everyone it touches.

Come on, give it a try. Give the world something of positive value! Join us in making the world a little bit closer, a little bit more healthy and a little bit more connected. Let’s trigger the immune system of everyone on the planet, and perhaps for mother earth herself. Together lets just test out Strader’s theory of CONNECT-IMMUNITY…

... on the Resilient Futures Network.